Rebecca Juárez 
President (2015-2017)

City: San Antonio
Email : rebecca.lakes@gmail.com 
School & District: Huebner Elementary, North East  ISD
Grades Taught: K - 5th
Certification Training: Texas State University
Teaching Specialty: Pedagogy, Musical Transitions

Katherine Johns
Past President (2015-2017)

City: Floresville
Email: kjohns@fisd.us 
School & District: Floresville South Elementary, Floresville  ISD
Grades Taught: K - 5th
Certification Training: Texas State University
Teaching Specialty: Folk Dancing. Movement

Melanie Braddy
Vice President (2016-2018)

City:  Plano
Email:  melanie.braddy@outlook.com 
School & District: Weatherford Elementary, Plano ISD
Grades Taught: K-5
Certification Training: 
Teaching Specialty: 

Kristin Moore
President Elect (2015-2017)

City: Plano
Email: kristin.moore@pisd.edu
School & District: Brinker Elementary, Plano ISD
Grades Taught: K - 5th
Certification Training: Plano ISD/UNT/SMU
Teaching Specialty: Pedagogy, Orff Applications

Sarah Martinez
Treasurer (2015-2017)

City: Round Rock
Email: sarah_martinez@roundrockisd.org
School & District: Hernandez Middle School, Round Rock ISD
Grades Taught: K - 5th previously, 6th-8th currently
Certification Training: Texas State University
Teaching Specialty: Pedagogy, Folk Dancing

Jason Mincy
Secretary (2016-2018) & Webmaster (Board Appointed)

City: Wichita Falls
Email: jasonmincy1@gmail.com 
School & District: Barwise Leadership Academy, Wichita Falls ISD
Grades Taught: 6 - 8
Certification Training: Midwestern State University Kodaly Teacher Institute
Teaching Specialty: Folk Dancing, Choir (Grades 4-8)

Megan Johnson
North Texas Rep. (2015-2017)

City: Denton
Email: ketnorthrep@gmail.com 
School & District: McNair Elementary, Denton ISD
Grades Taught: K-5
Certification Training:  
Teaching Specialty: 

Paul Cimini
South Texas Rep. (2016-2018)

City: Katy, TX
Email: pcimini@msn.com
School & District: Morton Ranch Elementary/ Katy ISD
Grades Taught:  K-5
Certification Training:  University of Houston
Teaching Specialty: 

Mandy Pitts
West Texas Rep. (2016-2018)

City: Lubbock, Tx.
Email: mandypitts08@gmail.com
School and District: Roscoe Wilson Elementary, Lubbock ISD
Grades Taught: PK-5th
Certification Training: Portland State University (Levels II-IV) and Kodaly Institute of Houston (Level I)
Teaching Specialty: art music

Meredith Riggs
Central Texas Rep. (2015-2017)

City: Austin
Email: meredith.riggs@gmail.com
School & District: Hart Elementary, Austin ISD
Grades Taught: K - 5th
Certification Training: Austin ISD Kodaly Initiative
Teaching Specialty: Pedagogy

Becky Knox
Social Media (Board Appointed)

School & District: 
Grades Taught: 
Certification Training: 
Teaching Specialty: 

Executive Board

Kodaly Educators of Texas